Simonne Holm


El cuerpo humano, el retrato contemporaneo, y las figuras en los paisajes son la base directa de mi práctica artística. Regularmente trabajo figurativamente produciendo grandes formatos en color de imágenes de mujeres, hombres, niños y adolescente. La seducción de la mirada, la representación del deseo, la confusión emocional, y la torpeza física son los temas que concentran mis preocupaciones como artísta.

It is with the project entitled ‘Belle de Jour’ produced in 2002/2003 that I began to work specifically with women as my primary subjects. ‘Belle de Jour’, is a survey of 30 large-scale colour photographs depicting women in various states of undress, masquerading different roles. The portraits are carefully orchestrated to present the viewer a world of girls who tease the line of the voyeur. The actors have been choreographed to come forth with a remarkable sense of their own sexual persona through lascivious, subversive gestures and defiant expressions. These images expose a budding female sexuality, and call into question an idealized vision of femininity.
Es con el proyecto titulado "Belle de Jour" realizado en 2002/03 en el cual empecé a trabajar con mujeres

Recently, I worked on a series entitled ‘The Recognitions’, which through portraiture brings together a cast of characters that are immersed in their own enigmatic situation and emotional landscape. The solitary figure in each photograph offers a pensive gaze and subtle gesture that attempts to reveal a psychological state or intimate moment. Through, physiognomy and expression, each subject is depicted in their imagined world, enacting their own quite drama, which has left them disturbingly calm, and comfortably numb. These individuals are meant to heighten an examination of personality and mental potentialities imbued through an emotive atmosphere.

Currently, I am working with a complex subject matter: young girls. My goal for this project is to elucidate some of the more troubling aspects of female youth culture. I would like to address the cultural, social, physical and psychological dynamics as well as the tyranny of girl culture via portraiture. I am interested in exploring the complex emotionality of this specific age group and gender by photographing the girls in a range of environments such as their bedrooms, dorm rooms, as well as other quintessential private/public teenage spaces. This is a work in progress.

Last but not least, I am also pursuing a project entitled, ‘Wildflowers’ which will consist of several colour and black and white portraits that will dwell on quietly introspective poses.

The ‘Wildflowers’ series will be quite large in scale with an overwhelming life-likeness and/or bigger than life size, making the viewer feel subordinate before the powerful women confronting them. I want to create images that will offer the greatest sensual, physical and psychological presence. I am interested in the fragility of the human psyche that awakens a feeling of vulnerability. However, I am equally interested in work that is compelling in its vulnerability and that acts as an emotional provocateur. The images will be of three different women portrayed in their own corporal and cerebral space.

Ultimately, I aim to show a penetrating view of a contemporary feminine identity.

--Marisa Portolese




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