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Some pictures are simple and are complete inside my head from the beginning. But most of my images start with the inspiration generated by the objects themselves. It may be something found in a junkshop, washed up on the beach near my home, or something from my past such as wooden letters from a childhood game or my palette from my art school days. I often assemble a collection of such items and then experiment to find the perfect juxtaposition of composition, form and colour harmonies. The use of saturated colour underpins much of what I create, and to achieve this end I will often use pure pigment on the objects and backgrounds.

The majority of the images I create are shot completely "in camera", for some I use the computer to create new possibilities. However it is vital to me to have the same technical excellence in anything computer generated as I attain with conventional photography.

Paul Biddle

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Paul Biddle has been a professional photographer for 16 years. He gained instant acclaim for his combination of creativity and superb quality. Alongside the awards and exhibitions there have been many articles featuring him in several magazines including Zoom, Image, The British Journal of Photography, Foto Art, Polaroid "P" Journal of Photography and the Image Bank's Icon magazine.

He is a member of The Association of Photographers and Circle 2.4, an international group of top photographers.

Recently he exhibited his works at The Leonardo da Vinci Museum in Milan and the Musée de la Civilisation in Quebec. Also he exposed in England, New York, Tokyo, Cologne, Vienna, Linz, Arles and Amsterdam


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